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Finavia.fi website renewal and ecommerce integration


www.finavia.fi_en - Marie-Luise Zankl


The client wanted to do a website relaunch and a consolidation of multiple existing services, to replace their previous content management system that was far from flexible and editor friendly. On top of that they wanted to provide eCommerce services that previously only existed in a mobile app to a bigger audience with a web based solution.


- A more modern look and feel
- A responsive website that targets multiple audiences from business to consumer
- A better user experience in the area of providing content to partners and press
- A better user experience for the travellers using the site as a tool for information on their trip providing a real time service
- A better editor experience and a more flexible system of building landing pages
- An integration of eCommerce also in their web platform while also upgrading their services in that area


On launch date the first two phases of the project were finished successfully, which encompassed the website frontend as an informational tool with integrated realtime data about the airports and their services as well as the business critical eCom applications for Parking Prebooking and Click&Collect. The old CMS backend was replaced with a solution on Drupal 8 and took over the role as CMS, content-API and proxy server for both the newly created web apps as well as the preexisting frontends for airport facility maps and Helsinki’s mobile app. The client was very happy with the flexibility of Wunder in realising the project in a tight schedule whilst being an agile solutions provider that did deal efficiently with many changes due to internal restructuring of the preexisting APIs and the business logic of the eCom concept.

The project has gone now into a mode of “Continuous Development” where improvements regarding accessibility and conversion optimization are planned based upon the Analytics data gathered. Within the coming months new features will be added in phases mostly regarding the realtime data and eCommerce part with additions like prebooking of airport lounges, shopping for food and beverages to go, the integration of package stations to collect from central terminal points just to name a few.

Technische Herausforderungen

Multiple integrations of various APIs and microservices had to be done that required data migration, data syncing and the creation of a whole custom API layer in Drupal that combined proxy functionality, data transformation and normalization for third party services and that exposed also editorial content as well as a defined set of layout configurations to the loosely coupled frontend apps.

For the payment process a two tier integration was done against the Checkout.fi payment APIs for single vendors as well as for shop in shop payments.

On the frontend side the biggest challenges were firstly to orchestrate a build process that could optimize for multiple component-like apps that shared some state as well as some libraries via code splitting and syncing of persisted application state. Secondly the eCommerce solution and user experience was custom built from scratch because also the backend business logic is a non-standard solution tailored to the parking service and the shop-in-shop business logic. Also here the available payment options vary based upon the service or goods being bought (parking prebooking or click&collect or lounge reservation) as well as on the fact that some services can be bought as authenticated user and others independent of registration.

An elasticsearch integration was also done to provide a fast and faceted search for services and products and to act as a data consolidation layer for a couple of APIs

Drupal Community-Beitrag

Improvements on the elasticsearch_helper module. A variety of bug reports and patches to contrib modules. A conference talk about the loosely coupled architecture between ReactJS and Drupal8 is in preparation